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The Empire of Vietnam (Vietnamese : Đế-quốc Việt-nam, Chinese : 越南帝國, Japanese : ベトナム帝国) was a short-lived political system of Vietnam between March 11 and August 23, 1945.

During World War II, after the fall of France and establishment of the French State, the French had lost practical control in French Indochina to the Japanese, but Japan stayed in the background while giving the Vichy French administrators nominal control. This changed on 9 March 1945 when Japan officially took over. To gain the support of the Vietnamese people, Imperial Japan declared it would return sovereignty to Vietnam. Emperor Bảo Đại declared the Treaty of Huế (1884) made with France in 1884 void. Trần Trọng Kim, a renowned historian and scholar, was chosen to lead the government as prime minister.


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