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English: Endocrine disruptors are exogenous substances that act like hormones in the endocrine system and disrupt the physiologic function of endogenous hormones. They are sometimes also referred to as hormonally active agents, endocrine disrupting chemicals, or endocrine disrupting compounds.
interferenti endocrini (it); perturbateur endocrinien (fr); Hormónaraskandi efni (is); Endokrinní disruptory (cs); interferent endocrí (ca); Hormonstörande ämnen (sv); Endokrine Disruptoren (de); disruptor endócrino (pt); إضطراب الغدد الصماء (ar); endocrine disruptor (en); 內分泌干擾素 (zh); Hormonforstyrrende stoffer (da); Hormonski motilec (sl); 内分泌攪乱物質 (ja); 내분비계 장애물질 (ko); 內分泌干擾素 (zh-hk); Endokrinný disruptor (sk); hormonforstyrrande stoff (nn); അന്തഃസ്രാവീസ്വാധീനം (ml); endocriene disruptor (nl); 內分泌干擾素 (zh-hant); interruptor endocrino (es); związki endokrynnie czynne (pl); Hormonitoimintaa häiritsevät kemikaalit (fi); Perturbador endócrino (gl); endokrina perturbanto (eo); 内分泌干扰素 (zh-hans); Chất gây rối loạn nội tiết (vi) composti chimici che possono interferire con sistemi endocrini o ormonali (it); 環境中に存在し、生体にホルモン作用を起こす、またはホルモン作用を阻害する化学物質 (ja); hormonähnlich wirkende Stoffe (de); chemicals that can interfere with endocrine or hormonal systems at certain doses (en); kemiaĵo kiu mise efikas sur endokrina sistemo (eo); związki chemiczne oddziałujące na system hormonalny (pl); substance chimique qui affecte le système hormonal (fr) Distruttori endocrini (it); 外因性内分泌撹乱化学物質, 外因性内分泌撹乱物質, 外因性内分泌攪乱物質, 内分泌かく乱物質, 環境ホルモン, 外因性内分泌かく乱化学物質, 内分泌攪乱化学物質, 外因性内分泌攪乱化学物質, 外因性内分泌かく乱物質, 内分泌撹乱物質, 内分泌かく乱化学物質, エストロゲン様物質, SPEED'98, 内分泌攪乱作用, 内分泌撹乱化学物質 (ja); Modulateur Endocrinien, Perturbateurs endocriniens, Oestromimétique, Leurre hormonal, Xéno-œstrogène, Perturbateur hormonal, Xénoestrogène, Perturbation endocrinienne, Perturbateurs endocrinien, Pseudo-hormones, Perturbateurs hormonaux, Perturbation hormonale, Perturabeurs endocriniens (fr); disruptor endocrino, disruptor homonal, disruptores hormonales, disruptor hormonal (es); związki endokrynne, substancje endokrynne, substancje endokrynnie czynne, substancja endokrynna, związek endokrynny (pl); Endocrine disruptor (ml); hormoonverstoorder, endocriene disruptie (nl); disruptor endocrí (ca); 環境荷爾蒙 (zh); Endokrin wirksame Substanz, Hormonaktive Stoffe, Hormonaktive Substanzen, Endokrin wirksame Substanzen, Xenohormon, Xenohormone, Endokriner Disruptor (de); 환경 호르몬, 환경호르몬, 내분비계 교란 물질, 내분비계장애물질 (ko); endocrine disruptors, endocrine disrupting chemicals, hormonally active agent, endocrine disrupting compound (en); Endokrini distruptor, Endokrini disruptor (sl); Endokrinní disruptor (cs); hormonforstyrrande middel (nn)
endocrine disruptor 
chemicals that can interfere with endocrine or hormonal systems at certain doses
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