Category:Episodes of Buddha's life

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Proposed sub-categories:

  • Jatakas (previous lifes of Buddha): can be sub-categorized if necessary
  • Tushita heaven
  • Buddha's conception
  • Buddha's birth
  • The four encounters
  • The great departure
  • The cutting of the hair
  • The practice of austerities
  • Sujata's gift
  • The preparation for enlightenment
  • The defeat of Mara (associated with Bhumisparshamudra)
  • Buddha's enlightenment (associated with Abhayamudra)
  • The Naga Muchalinda
  • The bowls with offerings
  • Buddha's first sermon (the deer park sermon), (associated with Dharmachakramudra)
  • The gift of the Sravasti's hermitage
  • The great miracle of Sravasti
  • Buddha's sojourn in Indra's heaven
  • The miracle of Parilyyaka forest
  • Devadatta's transgression and the subjugation of elephant Nalagiri
  • The dispute of the Shakya and the Kolyia
  • Buddha's death and Parinirvana the great passing)