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English: The èrhú (Chinese:二胡), also called nanhu (南胡, literally "southern fiddle"), and sometimes known in the West as the "Chinese violin" or "Chinese two-string fiddle," is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, used as a solo instrument as well as in small ensembles and large orchestras. It is the most popular instrument in the huqin (胡琴) family of Chinese bowed string instruments, together with the zhonghu (中胡), gaohu (高胡), banhu (板胡), jinghu (京胡), sihu (四胡), and numerous others.
တရုတ်ရိုးရာ နှစ်ကြိုးတပ်တယော (my); 二胡 (yue); Erhu (hu); Erhu (ms); Erhu (de); آرخو (fa); 二胡 (zh); Erhu (tr); 二胡 (ja); Er-chu (sk); ארהו (he); erhu (szy); 二胡 (zh-hant); 이호 (ko); Erhuo (eo); er-chu (cs); erhu (it); Erhu (fr); Erhu (et); 二胡 (zh-hk); Erhu (ro); ерху (sr-ec); erhu (pt); erhu (sv); Эрху (ru); erhu (sr-el); ерху (sr); Erhu (fi); Էրհու (hy); པི་ཝང་། (bo); Erhu (pl); Erhu (id); Jī-hiân (nan); erhu (nb); Erhu (nl); Nê-hù (cdo); Erhu (es); erhu (ca); Ерху (uk); erhu (en); الأرهو (ar); 二胡 (zh-hans); Erxu (uz) strumento musicale cinese (it); chinesisches Musikinstrument, Spießgeige (de); တရုတ်ရိုးရာ ကြိုးနှစ်ကြိုးတပ် ဂီတတူရိယာ (my); Chinese two-stringed musical instrument (en); ĉina muzikinstrumento (eo); čínský dvoustrunný smyčcový hudební nástroj (cs); instrument de musique traditionnel chinois à cordes frottées (fr) Arhu (es); Èrhú, Vièle erhu (fr); Erhhu (ms); erhu (cs); urheen (de); Huer (fi); urheen (en); 얼후 (ko); 南胡, ニ胡 (zh); huqin (it)
Chinese two-stringed musical instrument
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  • necked bowl lutes played with a bow
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