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English: Images related to the Fête des lumières (Festival of Lights in Lyon).

Warning: The night-time light shows displayed during the "fête des Lumières" are generally protected under copyright. They are artistic shows and they are not permanent. Some of them are in motion and any still picture from it is a part of the work even if a momentaneous vision of it could appear as ordinary (such as a still from a motion picture).
In addition, France has no Freedom of Panorama, so that buildings and artworks will normally be copyrighted until 70 years after the death of the creator even if they can be seen and photographed from a public place. (A de minimis exception exists if the building or the artwork is an "accessory compared to the main represented or handled subject".)
Please ensure that each uploaded image contains a free-license from the creator of the light show in addition to a free-license from the photographer (if different) or provide a copy of the authorization to the OTRS.
<nowiki>festa delle luci; Fête des Lumières; Сьвята сьвятла; Праздник света; Fête des Lumières; Festival das Luzes; Festival of Lights; 里昂灯光节; Фестивал светлости (Лион); Fête des lumières; Festival of Lights; 里昂祭光节; Fiesta de las Luces; Festival of Lights; Festo de la lumoj en Lyon; Празник на светлината; Празник на светлините; manifestazione popolare che si tiene a Lione; fête se déroulant chaque année à Lyon autour du 8 décembre; lichtfestival in Lyon; традиционный праздник в городе Лионе; Lichterfest in Lyon; फ्रान्सको लियोनमा डिसेम्बर ८ मा उत्सव; celebration on December 8 in Lyon, France; celebration on December 8 in Lyon, France; традиционален празник во Лион, Франција; fiesta de Lyon, Francia; Fête du 8 décembre; Fête des illuminations; Fete des lumieres</nowiki>
Festo de la lumoj en Lyon 
celebration on December 8 in Lyon, France
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LokoLiono, Metropolo Liono, Aŭvernjo-Rodano-Alpoj, ĉeflanda Francio, Francio
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