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The U.S. Navy converted 12 F-4Bs in 1963 and fitted them with the AN/ASW-21 two-way datalink communication system and an approach power compensator which, coupled with the shipboard AN/SPN-10 radar and AN/USC-1 datalink allowed hands-off carrier landings. Their serial numbers were BuNos 150481, 150484, 150487, 150489, 150492, 150625, 150629, 150633, 150636, 150639, 150642 and 150645. The first of these (150481) flew on 20 March 1963. 150645 was lost over North Vietnam, but the others were stripped of their AN/ASW-21 datalink gear and brought back to F-4B standards in 1967. The "F-4G" designation was later again used for U.S. Air Force "Wild Weasel" conversions of F-4Es.

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