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English: FSO 125p is a re-branded Polski Fiat 125p. This was done in 1983 because the license agreement between FSO and Fiat was terminated and thus FSO could no longer use the Polski Fiat brand. The initial FSO 125p was externally identical to the Polski Fiat 125p MR'82 with the exception of the Polski Fiat badge which was replaced by the FSO one and the lack of Fiat license badge next to the front wheels. In April 1983 FSO 125p received a makeover aimed at impoverishing the upper body. During this makeover it also received the side indicators and door handles from FSO Polonez MR'78/MR'83 and had the metal wheel caps replaced by small black ones. It was at that point that the naming system was also changed. Instead of using approximated engine displacement measured in cubic centimeters (1300 and 1500) FSO 125p automobiles produced since April 1983 used the approximated engine displacement measured in litters (1.3, 1.5). The new naming system also included names of different versions after the approximated engine displacement:
  • 1.3 C/1.5 C - basic version powered by either 1.3 l or 1.5 l engine. It lacked headrests, side strips and had armrests half the size they normally were. The preproduction examples have black door frames. Please note that although it lacked side strips and headrests it did not lack the mountings for them so it was entirely possible to fit those at a later date.
  • 1.3 L/1.5 L - luxurious version powered by either 1.3 l or 1.5 l engine. It featured headrests on the front seats, side strips, normal size armrests on the front doors. The preproduction examples had chrome lamp shades and chrome rear-view mirror, however these features were present only in the export version during serial production.
  • 1.3 ML/1.5 ML (produced since 1984) - luxurious version powered by either 1.3 l or 1.5 l engine from FSO Polonez.
  • 1.5 MC (produced since 1984) - basic version powered by 1.5 l engine engine from FSO Polonez.
  • 1.5 MS (produced since 1984) - version powered by a powered up version of the 1.5 l engine from FSO Polonez.
  • 1.3 ME/1.5 ME (produced since 1985) - economic version powered by either 1.3 l or 1.5 l engine from FSO Polonez with electronic ignition.
  • 1.6 D - version powered by a Volkswagen 1.6 l diesel engine, only 100 examples were produced in 1986.

Many other externally invisible changes were made after that and in January of 1986 FSO 125p received a rear fog light. In 1988, a new version of the FSO badge was introduced. After that FSO 125p was produced externally unchanged until 29th of June 1991 when the last example left the factory.

Some FSO 125p received a new type of front grill which featured a permanently engraved FSO badge.

FSO 125p is also sometimes known under the names FSO 1300 and FSO 1500 depending on the engine displacement.


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