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English: This stained glass workshop existed from 1853 to 1903 and was initially owned by the Carmelite monastery in Le Mans. List of directors:
  • 1853–1872: Eugène Hucher (1814–1889) along with Father René Jean François Lottin (1793–1868)
  • 1872–1880: Edouard Rathouis
  • 1880–1889: Eugène Hucher (1814–1889) with his son Ferdinand Hucher (1850–1903)
  • 1889–1903: Ferdinand Hucher (1850–1903)

The signatures of the workshop follow these phases, among them:

  • Carmel Cenom
  • Fabrique du Carmel du Mans, Rathouis directeur
  • Fabrique du Carmel du Mans Rathouis et Hucher
  • Fabrique du Carmel du Mans Hucher et fils successeurs
  • Fabrique du Carmel du Mans Ferdinand Hucher
See Stéphane Arrondeau: Le fabrique de vitraux du Carmel du Mans (1853–1903), Université du Maine, Thèse de doctorat, 1997, for a history of this workshop. See p. 219 for the list of directors and p. 119 for the list of signatures.

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