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This category includes files identified as visual duplicates of each other, which may not be digitally identical. Refer to User:Fæ/Imagehash. The image hashing process used to identify the duplicates is experimental, see Phab:T167947. Images are keyed by hash value, which is a 64 bit number (16 digit hexadecimal). The hash is quoted in the image edit comments when added to this category, as well as appearing in the wikitext as the category key.

Actions that can be taken to remove images from this category:

  • True duplicates can be marked for deletion with {{duplicate}} on whichever version with the weakest description or sourcing should be deleted, or information merged to the oldest upload.
  • Variations or derivatives should be cross linked, such as with the gallery tag in the other_versions parameter of the information box.
  • False matches can be removed on discovery, though in the first 10,000 files automatically categorized, false matches were obvious and in the order of 0.1%.
  • If you are ready to review some files for deletion, have a look at Category:Faebot analysed duplicates ready for review.


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