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English: False Dmitriy I (ru: Лжедмитрий; other transliterations:Dimitri, Dimitrii, Dimitriy, Dimitry, Dmitri, Dmitrii, Dmitry) was the Tsar of Russia from July 21, 1605 until his death on May 17, 1606 under the name of Dimitriy Ioannovich (ru: Димитрий Иоаннович). He was one of three impostors who claimed during the en:Time of Troubles to be the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible. It is generally believed that the real Dmitriy was assassinated in en:Uglich and that this False Dmitriy's real name was Grigory Otrepyev, although this is far from certain.
Polski: Dymitr Samozwaniec I (właśc. Griszka Otrepiew, ur. ok. 1581, zm. 17 maja 1606) - car Rosji, rzekomy, cudownie ocalały Carewicz Dymitr syn Iwana IV Groźnego. Pierwotnie mnich.