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Women's underwear worn on the torso (edit)
  • Structural, for waist: Corsets (with laces, bones, and busk) • Waist cinchers (very short corset) • Basque (non-shaping) •
    Structural, for skirts: Bustles (lift at back, often pads) • Crinolines (reinforced petticoat or round hoop skirt) • Farthingales (hip padding or hoop skirt) • Panniers (lift at the sides) •
    Petticoats (fabric underskirt adding volume)
    Structural, other: Sleeve plumpers (to lift puff sleeves) • Bosom pads (to make bosom larger)
    Form-fitting: Basque (non-shaping, bust to waist) • Corselettes (one-piece combination of bra and girdle) • Torsolettes (corselette without a full girdle) • Girdles (lightly shaping hip garment with garters) • Girdle corsets (shaping hip garment with bones, busk, and laces)
    Loose: Chemise (long, sleeved) • Full slip (long, sleeveless) • Half slip (skirt half of a slip) • Babydoll (top half of a slip) • Teddies (as babydoll, but closed at crotch)
    Other: Chemisettes (neckline filling mimicking a blouse) • Bodystockings (thin form-fitting hose covering most of the body)
ondersteuning voor een rok; historisch kledingstuk voor vrouwen
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Subklasse van ondergoed,
hoop skirt
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Guardinfante (it); vertugadin (fr); Vertugall (sv); Fortugał (pl); vertugade (nb); fardegalijn (nl); Verdugado (es); Verdugado (de); Jav-sae (br); farthingale (en); تنورة مقببة (ar); krinolína (cs); פרת'ינגייל (he) supports in the form of hoops or padded rolls, worn beneath a skirt to add fullness, worn in the 16th and 17th centuries (en); élément de vêtement féminin (fr); ondersteuning voor een rok; historisch kledingstuk voor vrouwen (nl) Verdugale (it); Farthingale, Verdugado (pl); Vertugall (nb); fardagalijn (nl)
English: An under-structure worn beneath the skirt in the Elizabethan period. Made of a padded roll, or a series of parallel rings, supported by equidistant points. Three types:
  • Spanish farthingale, hoop cage, cone-shaped skirt
  • French farthingale, pad, bell-shaped skirt
  • Wheel farthingale, hoop cage, drum-shaped skirt.

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