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English: The Chinese Buddhist Monk Faxian (337 – c. 422 CE) - antiquated transliterations of his name include Fa-Hien, Fah-Hian and Fa-hsien - travelled by foot all the way from China to India, visiting many sacred Buddhist sites in what are now Xinjiang, China, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and between 399 and 412 to acquire Buddhist scriptures. His journey is described in his important travelogue, 'A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms, Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa-Xian of his Travels in India and Ceylon in Search of the Buddhist Books of Discipline'.

Bhikkhu, historian, travelogue author, and Buddhist pilgrim of the Silk Road
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Date of birth340 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death418 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
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  • Faxian's Biography
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Fa Xian (es); Fa-hszien (hu); Faxian (eu); Фасянь (ru); Faxian (de); فاکسیان (fa); 法显 (zh); فاہیان (pnb); 法顯 (zh-hk); Faxian (sv); Фа Сянь (uk); 法顯 (zh-hant); फ़ाहियान (hi); ఫాహియాన్ (te); 법현 (ko); Faŝjiano (eo); Fa-sien (cs); பாசியான் (ta); Fǎxiǎn (it); ফা-হিয়েন (bn); Faxian (fr); फाहियान (mr); Pháp Hiển (vi); 法显 (zh-cn); Fa Xian (ca); 法顕 (ja); ഫാഹിയാൻ (ml); 法显 (zh-sg); Fa Hsien (id); Faxian (pl); Faxian (nb); 法顯 (zh-tw); Faxian (sh); Fa Xian (nl); فاھيان (sd); فاہیان (ur); Faxian (en); फाहियान (ne); 法显 (zh-hans); ෆාහියන් හිමි (si) monaco buddhista e traduttore cinese (it); 東晋の僧、翻訳家 (ja); Chinees auteur (nl); سياح (sd); Bikŝuo de Orienta Ĝjin, kiu esploris kaj tradukis antikvajn budhismajn tekstojn. (eo); Bhikkhu, historian, travelogue author, and Buddhist pilgrim of the Silk Road (en); نویسنده، کاشف، و تاریخ‌نگار چینی (fa); 东晋僧人 (zh); chinesischer buddhistischer Mönch (de) Fa Hsien (es); Fǎxián, Faxian, Fa-hsien, Fa Hsien (it); Fa-Hian (fr); 釋法顯, 僧法顯, 法賢 (zh); Fa Shien (id); Fa Sien (pl); Faxian (ml); Fa-shien, Fa Hien, Fa Hsien (nl); Fa Hian (ca); फाह्वान, फाहियान, फाह्यान (hi); Fa-hsien, Fǎxiǎn, Fah-hien, Fa-hien, Fa-Xian, Gesetzesglanz, Religionsglanz, Fa Hsien (de); Ху Шен, Фа Сянь, Шен Ху (ru); Fa Hien, Fa Hsien, Fa Xian, Fa-hsien, Fa-Hien (en); Fa-hsien (sv); Fasien, Fa sien (cs); Fa-Hien (sh)

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