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English: Federal-style architecture is the classicizing architecture built in the United States between c. 1780 and 1830, particularly from 1785 to 1815. In the early Republic the founding generation consciously chose to associate the nation with the ancient democracies of Greece and the republican values of Rome. Grecian aspirations informed the Greek Revival, lasting into the 1850s. Using Roman architectural vocabulary, the Federal style applied to the balanced and symmetrical version of Georgian architecture that had been practiced in the American colonies new motifs of Neoclassical architecture as it was epitomized in Britain by Robert Adam, who published his designs in 1792.The classicizing manner of constructions and town planning undertaken by the federal government was expressed in federal projects of lighthouses and harbor buildings, hospitals and the rationalizing urbanistic layout of L'Enfant's Washington DC and in New York the Commissioners' Plan of 1811.
Federal Style 
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Estilo federal (es); 連邦様式 (ja); style fédéral (fr); Federal memarlıq (az); 聯邦式建築 (zh); ෆෙඩරල් ගෘහ නිර්මාණ ශිල්පය (si); Federale stijl (nl); Федеральная архитектура (ru); عمارة فيدرالية (ar); Federal Style (de); אדריכלות פדרלית (he); Federal architecture (en); معماری فدرال (fa); architektura ve federálním slohu (cs); estil federal (ca) architectural style (en); architektonický styl (cs); architectural style (en) フェデラル様式 (ja); Style federal (fr); Federal-style architecture, Federal style (en); 聯邦建築 (zh); federální sloh, federální styl (cs); Federale architectuur, Federal style (nl)


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