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English: Femicide or Feminicide is broadly defined as the killing of women but definitions vary depending on the cultural context. Feminist author Diana E. H. Russell is one of the early pioneers of the term, and she currently defines the word as "the killing of females by males because they are females." Other feminists place emphasis on the intention or purpose of the act being directed at females specifically because they are female; others include the killing of females by females when the murder is done in the name of male-centered views. Most emphasize the idea that the murders are motivated, directly or indirectly, by misogynist and sexist motives. Oftentimes, the necessity of defining the murder of females separately from overall homicide is questioned. Opponents argue that over 80% of all murders are of men, so the term places too much emphasis on the less prevalent murder of females. An alternative term offered is gendercide which is more ambiguous and inclusive. However, feminists argue that the term gendercide perpetrates the taboo of the subject of the murder of females. Feminists also argue that the motives for femicide are vastly different than those for homicide. Instead of centering in street violence, much of femicide is centered within the home.
intentional killing of females (women or girls) because they are females
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Femminicidio (it); Gynécide (fr); Feminicidi (ca); Reizhlazh (br); Feminizidio (eu); Feminicid (ro); Feminicidiu (ast); Фемицид (ru); femicide (en); Femicide (de); Feminicídio (pt); 性別滅絕 (zh-hk); کشتار جنسیتی (fa); 性别灭绝 (zh); Femicide (da); ფემიციდი (ka); 女性殺害 (ja); Feminicídio (pt-br); Femicid (sh); Femisida (id); Kobietobójstwo (pl); רצח נשים (he); Gendercide (nl); 性別滅絕 (zh-hant); Фемицид (sr); Feminicidio (es); 젠더사이드 (ko); Feminicidio (gl); قتل النساء (ar); 性别灭绝 (zh-hans); பெண் கொலை (ta) intentional killing of females (women or girls) because they are females (en); morte intencional de pessoas do sexo feminino (pt-br); убийства женщин, совершаемые на почве ненависти к ним (ru); intentional killing of females (women or girls) because they are females (en); ქალებზე ძალადობის უკიდურესი გამოვლინება (ka); פשע שנאה נגד נשים (he); forma de homicidio (es) Femicidio, Feminocidio (es); Genderzid, Frauenmord, Feminizid, Femizid (de); Femmicidio (it); feminicide (en); Gynecide, Féminicide (fr); פמיסייד (he); Kvindemord (da)


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