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Images from Geograph British Isles, Geograph Deutschland, or Geograph Channel Islands should be added to the appropriate category by using the {{geograph}}, {{geograph-de}}, or {{geograph-ci}} templates.

To add an image to this category, add the template {{geograph}} to your image description page. For example, to identify Image:NS6469 harvest.jpg as being geograph #57771, taken by Chris Upson, the tag {{geograph|57771|Chris Upson}} is added to the image's description page. The template code adds the image to this category page, but will also display a license compliant copyright message, and a link to the picture's description page on Geograph.

If you are copying a new image from Geograph then:


  • Click on the image you want on and then look for "Find out how to reuse this Image". This will allow you to cut and paste nearly everything to a Basic Upload.

You then just need to check the description and add some meaningful categories.


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