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Flag of Galicia-Lodomeria[edit]

Until 1849 Galicia and Lodomeria constituted a single province with Bukovina and used the blue-red flag (consisting of two horizontal stripes: the upper one was blue, the lower one was red).

In 1849 when Bukovina was given an independent status from that of Galicia-Lodomeria, it kept the blue-red flag, while Galicia was given a new flag consisting of three horizontal stripes: blue, red and yellow.

This flag had remained in use until 1890, when Galicia-Lodomeria received a new flag consisting of two horizontal stripes: red and white. This flag remained in use until the dissolution of the Kingdom of Galicia-Lodomeria in 1918 and is displayed in Ströhl's Oesterreichisch-ungarische Wappenrolle (1898).


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