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The European Union (like also the former European Communities) actually uses under permission, as one of its own official emblems, the official emblem and flag of the Council of Europe, which originally designed it for display throughout Europe (at large, including in European countries that are not members of the Council of Europe), years before the European Communities (and later the European Union) were created.

This flag (rectangular and blue with twelve yellow five-pointed stars forming a circle) is simply and officially named “flag of Europe” or “European flag”, and not “flag of the European Union” (which is too restrictive). The number of stars is also not associated to the number of members in any European organization, but to completeness and regularity in a cycle, like hours on a full clock circle, or months in a full year.

The European Union, the Council of Europe, and other European organizations also use other flags or symbols (possibly but not necessarily created as variations of the European flag) for visual identity of some of their bodies or agencies: usage of these symbols is frequently subject to more restrictions than the European flag, and reserved by these bodies and agencies.


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