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Flexible-fuel or dual fuel vehicles operate with two different fuels mixed in the same tank. The most common technology used worldwide in flexible vehicles allows the mix of ethanol fuel and gasoline, though methanol has also been used, but at a smaller scale. In several countries ethanol flexible-fuel vehicles run on E85 fuel (a blend of 85% anhydrous ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline), and in Brazil they run on any blend of gasoline (E20 to E25) up to 100% ethanol (E100). For this reason, they are popularly called in Brazil as "full flex-fuel" vehicles, or "total flex" or simply "flex cars". E85 flexible fuel vehicles are used in the United States, Canada and Europe, particularly in Sweden. In Europe they are popularly known as "flexifuel" cars, and in the US as "flex-fuel" vehicles. Vehicles operating with blends between E10 up to E25 do not classify within this category because these blends work on regular gasoline engines with minor adjustments. Vehicles running on gasoline and gaseous fuel from separate tanks are bi-fuel vehicles and they are not classified as "flex".


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