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Images in this category are from the photo sharing website Flickr. As Flickr allows the uploaders to change their licensing at any time, this is provided as a method to confirm the copyright status of these images as acceptable on the Commons. Images coming from Flickr should be tagged with {{Flickrreview}}, which adds them to this category for review.

Review process[edit]

Images are reviewed by the bot FlickreviewR 2 (talk · contribs). The bot automatically scans this category and reviews the images listed here and it also uploads the original file if a smaller version is uploaded.

Images could also be reviewed by administrators and reviewers but there is no reason for manual review of the images in this category when the bot works. If you do a manual review please also check if the largest version of the file is uploaded.

However there is need of manual review in the category Flickr images needing human review, which lists the images that couldn't be reviewed correctly by the bot.

If Bot gets stuck[edit]

Sometimes, you will notice that the bot always stops reviewing at the same file, causing files to accumulate in this category. The bot is stuck at that file. It goes through the category in an alphabetical order, so it does not understand to skip the problematic file.

Please report the problem (including a link to the file) to the bot's talk page and COM:AN, so that a user can manually review the file and help the bot bypass it.

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