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Arcoíris de niebla (es); ködív (hu); Arcu iris de borrina (ast); Туманная радуга (ru); Nebelbogen (de-ch); Nebelbogen (de); Bogha ceo (ga); مه‌کمان (fa); 霧虹 (zh); 霧虹 (zh-hk); Dimbåge (sv); Біла райдуга (uk); 霧虹 (zh-hant); ਧੁੰਦ ਦਾ ਧਨੁਸ਼ (pa); Fog bow (en-ca); Fogbow (it); arc blanc (fr); Pilvekaar (et); Cung sương mù (vi); Rūko lankas (lt); Arco-íris branco (pt-br); 霧虹 (ja); Niwwelbou (lb); Tåkeboge (nn); Tåkebue (nb); Mistboog (nl); Biała tęcza (pl); Fog bow (en-gb); รุ้งหมอก (th); Maglena duga (hr); fog bow (en); قوس الضباب (ar); 雾虹 (zh-hans); Arco-íris branco (pt) type of rainbow formed by airborne water droplets (en); Erscheinung der atmosphärischen Optik (de); légköri jelenség (hu) Белая радуга, Туманная дуга (ru); Туманна райдуга (uk); Fogbow, Arcs Blancs (fr); Fog bow (it); white rainbow, fogbow, cloudbow (en); مه کمان (fa); 雾虹 (zh); Arcoiris de niebla (es)
fog bow 
type of rainbow formed by airborne water droplets
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English: A fogbow (or cloudbow) is similar to a rainbow, but is produced by very small droplets in fog or cloud, which diffract light, instead of large raindrops which do not. Like the rainbow, it is visible in the opposite direction to the sun, spanning an angle of about 40° (depending on droplet size distribution) from the antisolar point, but it is only weakly (or not at all) colored, because diffraction produces largely overlapping arcs for each color.

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