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F27 Friendship 
family of airliners
Busy Bee F-27 at Basel 1982.jpg
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Instance of aircraft family
Subclass of airliner,
land-based aircraft
First flight
  • 24 November 1955
Authority control
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Fokker F27 Friendship (es); Fokker F27 Friendship (is); Fokker F27 (ru); Fokker F-27 (de); Фокер Ф27 (sr-ec); 福克F27 (zh); Fokker F27 (fy); Fokker F27 (tr); フォッカー F27 (ja); Fokker F-27 (sv); Fokker F27 Friendship (uk); 福克F27 (zh-hant); Fokker F.27 (fi); F27 Friendship (li); Fokker F-27 (cs); Fokker F27 (it); ফকার এফ ২৭ ফ্রেন্ডশিপ (bn); Fokker F27 (fr); Fokker F27 (hr); Fokker F27 Friendship (vi); Fokker F27 (id); Fokker F27 (da); Фокер F27 (sr); Fokker F27 Friendship (sl); Foker F27 (sr-el); F27 Friendship (en); فوکر اف۲۷ فرندشیپ (fa); ฟอกเกอร์ เอฟ-27 (th); Fokker F27 (pl); Fokker F-27 (nb); Fokker F27 (nl); Fokker F27 (pt); Fokker F27 (ms); 福克F27 (zh-hk); Fokker F-27 Friendship (lb); Fokker F27 Friendship (gl); فوكر إف27 فريند شيب (ar); 福克F27 (zh-hans); פוקר F27 (he) Avión holandés (es); aereo di linea regionale Fokker (it); Propeller-Verkehrsflugzeug (de); family of airliners (en) Fokker 27 (it); Fokker 27, Fokker F.27, Fairchild F.27 (fr); Fokker F27, Fokker Friendship (is); Fokker F27 Friendship, Fokker F27-400, Fokker F27-400M, F27 Friendship, Фоккер F-27, Fokker F27-600, Fokker F-27 (ru); F27, Fokker 27, Fokker F-27F, Fokker F-27 Friendship, Fokker Friendship, Fairchild FH-227 (de); Fokker f-27, Fokker f-227 (pt); فوکر اف27 فرندشیپ, اف۲۷ فرندشیپ, اف27 فرندشیپ (fa); Fokker F27, Fokker-F27 (zh); Fokker F27 Friendship, Fokker F-27 (da); F27, フォッカー・フレンドシップ, F-27, フォッカー フレンドシップ, C-31, フォッカー F-27, フォッカーF27 (ja); Fokker F27, F-27 (sv); Fokker F27 Friendship, Fokker F-27 (pl); Fokker F27 Friendship, F27, F-27, Fokker F27 (nb); Fokker F27 Friendship, F27, Fokker 27, Fokker F-27 Friendship/Troopship, Fokker F-27, Fokker Friendship (nl); Fokker 27, Fokker-27 (id); Fokker F27, Fairchild FH-227 (fi); F27, Friendship, Fokker F27, Fokker F27 "Friendship" (en); Fokker Friendship (li); Fokker F27 (cs); F27, Fokker 27, F-27, Fokker F-27 Friendship, Fokker F27, Fokker Friendship, Fokker F 27, Fokker F 27 Friendship, F 27, C-31A Troopship, Fokker F-27, C 31A Troopship (es)


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