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  • Michael Wright () "Maccaferri Guitars" in Guitar Stories: The Histories of Cool Guitars, Guitar Stories (Musical Instruments Series), 2, Hal Leonard Corporation, pp. 183-195?, 215-227 ISBN: 9781884883088.
  • Tony Bacon () "1953 - Maccaferri Introduces Plastic Guitars" in History of the American Guitar: 1833 to the Present Day, Backbeat Books, pp. 249255 ISBN: 9781476856377. MACCAFERRI G40 / Produced: 1953-c1958 / This Example: c1955 / Body: 13 1/4" wide, 3 1/2" deep / Maccaferri's first plastic guitars were the flat-top G-30 ($29.25) and archtop G-40 ($39.95) of 1953, manufactured by his French American Reed company in New York. The neck was bolted to the body, and despite a plastic exterior had a central metal core that extended the length of the instrument: the "stay true neck" of Maccaferri's ads, which also boosted that the plastic guitars were "not affected by atmospheric conditions — will not crack or swell."”, “SELMER MACCAFERRI JAZZ / Produced: France, 1932-c1935 ... Django Reinhardt used a number of Selmer Maccaferri-style guitars in his career, including at fiest a D-hole model like this, and later oval-hole guitars (below). ... / SELMER JAZZ / Produced: France, c1934-1952 ... After Maccaferri left Selmer the company continued to make guitars of similar design but with a modified oval soundhole. ...”, “Mario Maccaferri was a talented guitarist and instrument designer, best known today for his Selmer-made guitars that were used to spectacularly by Django Reinhardt. ...

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