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Deutsch: Eine Laubsäge ist ein Werkzeug zum Sägen dünner Vollholz- und Sperrholzplatten. Sie zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass man mit ihr nicht nur geradlinig, sondern auch enge Kurven sägen kann.
English: Fretsaws are light hand saws, used for very small curves in wood. Their blades are very narrow, to allow sharp corners and tight curves to be sawn. They are characterised by their elongated frame, allowing them to be used into the centre of wide panels. Piercing saws are similar, but are used for silversmithing and similar, often in metal. They do not have the extended frame. Piercing saws (because of the historically high cost of their blades) are often adjustable in height, to allow broken blades to be re-used.
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