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  • Fuzzy Wobble. Thesis - DIY Controller. "A technology framework that supports the creation of personalized control surfaces "   (See Documentation & Papers for details)
  • Evenchick, Eric (September 7, 2013). Open Hardware Summit 2013 – Part 1: Demos. Hack a Day. "[Fuzzy Wobble]‘s thesis project is an open source platform for designing MIDI controllers. The system covers laying out the buttons and switches, fabricating the enclosure, buying the parts, the electronics, and the software. A web app is used to design the controller, and spits out the information required to build all the components. The build quality was very high, with solid walnut and a laser cut top panel. We’ve seen his work in the past, I’m looking forward to seeing the full system in the wild.”, “Fuzzy Wobble’s project lets you design your own MIDI controller"