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English: Gallia Belgica (sometimes given as Belgica Prima) was a Roman province located in what is now the southern part of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, northeastern France, and western Germany. The indigenous population of southern Gallia Belgica consisted of a mixture of Celtic and Germanic tribes, often described as the Belgae as well. According to Julius Caesar, the border between Gallia and Belgica was formed by the Marne and the Seine and that with Germania by the Rhine. The area is the historical heart of the Low Countries, a region corresponding roughly to the current Benelux group of states, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg as well as the French Flanders and some part of the Rhineland.
Gallia Belgica 
Roman province
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Istanza diprovincia romana
Luogo Impero romano
Data di fine297 (dichiarazione con data gregoriana precedente al 1584)
50° 51′ 10,4″ N, 4° 20′ 47,57″ E
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Galia Bélgica (es); Gallia Belgica (hu); Galia Belgika (eu); Белгика (ru); Gallia Belgica (de); Белгіка (be); Գալլիա Բելգիկա (hy); Галия Белгика (bg); Gallia Belgica (da); Gallia Belgica (ro); ガリア・ベルギカ (ja); Βελγική Γαλατία (el); Gallia Belgica (sv); 比利时高卢 (zh-hans); גאליה בלגיקה (he); Gallia Belgica (la); 比利時高盧 (zh-hant); 比利时高卢 (zh-cn); Gallia Belgica (id); 갈리아 벨기카 (ko); Белгика (kk); Gallia Belgica (eo); Белгиска Галија (mk); Gallia Belgica (gl); Gallia Belgica (it); Belgijska Galija (sh); Gaule belgique (fr); Gallia Belgica (nl); Бэльгіка (be-tarask); Belgijska Galija (sr-el); Белгијска Галија (sr-ec); Belgijska Galija (hr); Gallia Belgica (cy); गालिया बेल्गिका (mr); Belgijos Galija (lt); Gália Belga (pt); แกลเลียเบลจิกา (th); 比利时高卢 (zh-sg); Gallia Belgica (af); Белгијска Галија (sr); Belgijska Galija (sl); Gàl·lia Belga (ca); Белгіка (uk); Gallia Belgica (sco); Gallia Belgica (lb); Gallia Belgica (pl); Gallia Belgica (nb); 比利時高盧 (zh-tw); 比利時高盧 (zh); Gallia Belgica (tr); Gallia Belgica (et); 比利時高盧 (zh-hk); Gallia Belgica (en); بلجيكا الغالية (ar); Belgica (br); Gallia Belgica (fi) Roman province (en); Römische Provinz, die bei der Aufteilung Galliens entstand (de); Roman province (en); провинция Древнего Рима (ru); римска провинција (mk); provincia romana (es) Galia Belgica (es); Gaule Belge, Gaule-Belgique, Gallia Belgica (fr); Gallia Belgica (hr); Gallia Belgica (eu); Бельгика (ru); Belgica prima, Belgica Secunda (de); Gallia belgica, Gália bélgica (pt); Belgica (af); Галија Белгика (sr); Belgica (ro); Galija Belgika, Gallia Belgica (sh); Γκαλλία Μπελγκίκα (el); Belgica secunda, Belgica Prima (sv); Белгика (bg); Бельгика (uk); Belgica, Belgisch Gallië, Noord-Gallië, Noord-Gallie, Belgisch Gallie (nl); Gallia Belgica (br); Belgica Prima, กาลเลียเบลจิคา, เบลจิคาพรีมา (th); Belgica prima, Belgica secunda, Belgica, Belgica II, Belgica I (it); 벨기카 (ko); Bèlgica, Gals belgues, Gàŀlia Belga, Gàl•lia Belga, Gàl.lia Belga, Gallia Belgica, Belgica (ca); Belgica (eo); Галија Белгика, Белгика (mk); Pirmoji Belgika, Antroji Belgika, Belgika, Belgų Galija (lt)


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