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English: Gambir is a kecamatan (district) of Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is characterized by many historic buildings from the colonial era. Gambir Subdistrict is the location of many political and administrative center of Jakarta and Indonesia. The Merdeka Palace (the presidential palace of Indonesia), the National Museum and the Merdeka Square (the location of the National Monument) are located in Gambir.
Bahasa Indonesia: Kecamatan Gambir terletak di Jakarta Pusat. Stasiun Gambir terletak di kecamatan ini.
Basa Jawa: Kecamatan Gambir iku salah sijining kecamatan ing Jakarta Pusat.
Nederlands: Gambir is een onderdistrict van de gemeente Jakarta Pusat in de stad Jakarta, Indonesië.
Basa Sunda: Gambir nyaéta salasahiji kacamatan di Kota Jakarta Pusat, Propinsi DKI Jakarta , Indonésia.


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