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In 1624 Prince Wladyslaw Vasa bought in Antwerp collet de senteur of perfumed leather and 2 dozen of perfumed gloves. In 1642 Cecilia Renata of Austria asked the Spanish envoy to bring her from the Netherlands a doll dressed according to the latest French fashion to be a model for her tailor. Among gifts of Tatar Khan's wife presented to Queen Marie Louise was a strange cut blue gown embroidered with gold and silver and colorful silk.
Polish Vasas
Sigismund III Vasa
   Anna of Austria
   Constance of Austria
Anna Vasa
Anna Maria Vasa
Władysław IV Vasa
   Cecilia Renata of Austria
   Marie Louise Gonzaga
John II Casimir Vasa
John Albert Vasa
Charles Ferdinand Vasa
Alexander Charles Vasa
Anna Catherine Constance Vasa
Sigismund Casimir Vasa
Maria Anna Teresa Vasa


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