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English: The 'Dart Bus for Malta' was a proposed new low-floor bus for Malta, built in 2002 by Gasan Transport Systems Ltd. Specifically designed for Malta's operating conditions, and incorporating the local transport autority's own requirements, it featured a body built by Serbian bus manufacturer Neobus on the TransBus International Dennis Dart SLF chassis, with a Euro III Cummins engine and Voith Transmission. Two demonstrators were built, with one being unveiled outside the Gasan offices in Mriehel, Malta, to an audience of the local auority, bus owner and drivers. It was finished in the Malta livery of yellow, white and orange, but without a registration plate. It's not clear if it entered service, but the demonstrator didn't lead to any orders. The other demonstrator seemingly never left the UK, and was instead purchased in 2006 by Hams Travel from TransBus' successor Alexander Dennis, entering service with the custom 2006 registration, MC06 HAM.


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