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English: Geert Wilders (born September 6, 1963) is a Dutch politician and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), the third leading political party in the Netherlands. Born in the city of Venlo, raised as a Roman Catholic and having left the Church at his coming of age, Wilders attributes his politics to his support for what he calls 'Judeo-Christian values'. He formed many of his political views on his travels to Israel, as well as the neighbouring Arab countries. His early job at the Dutch social insurance agency propelled him into politics, where he worked as a speechwriter for the conservative-liberal People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). In 1996, he moved to the city of Utrecht, where he was elected to the city council and later to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.
Nederlands: Geert Wilders (Venlo, 6 september 1963) is een Nederlands politicus en partijleider van de Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV). Namens deze partij is hij lid van de Tweede Kamer.
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