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This category contains Genera of Geotrupidae.

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Allotrypes, Anoplotrupes, Athyreus, Australobolbus, Baraudia, Blackbolbus, Blackburnium, Bolbaffer, Bolbaffroides, Bolbapium, Bolbelasmus, Bolbobaineus, Bolbocaffer, Bolboceras, Bolbocerastes, Bolboceratex, Bolboceratops, Bolbocerodema, Bolboceroides, Bolbocerosoma, Bolbochromus, Bolbogonium, Bolbohamatum, Bolboleaus, Bolborhachium, Bolborhinum, Bolborhombus, Bolbothyreus, Bolbotrypes, Bradycinetulus, Ceratophyus, Ceratotrupes, Chelotrupes, Cnemotrupes, Cretogeotrupes, Elephastomus, Enoplotrupes, Eubolbitus, Eucanthus, Frickius, Geohowdenius, Geotrupes, Gilletinus, Halffterius, Halffterobolbus, Haplogeotrupes, Jekelius, Lethrus, Megatrupes, Meridiobolbus, Mimobolbus, Mycotrupes, Namibiobolbus, Namibiotrupes, Neoathyreus, Odonteus, Odontotrypes, Onthotrupes, Parageotrupes, Parathyreus, Peltotrupes, Pereirabolbus, Phelotrupes, Prototrupes, Pseudoathyreus, Sericotrupes, Silphotrupes, Sinogeotrupes, Socotrabolbus, Somalobolbus, Stenaspidius, Taurocerastes, Thorectes, Trypocopris, Typhaeus, Zefevazia, Zuninoeus
Note: Plus species Bolboceras neglectum
Allotrupes, Anoplotrupes, Ceratophyus, Ceratotrupes, Chelotrupes, Cnemotrupes, Cretogeotrupes, Enoplotrupes, Epigeotrupes, Geohowdenius, Geotrupes, Geotrupoides, Glyptogeotrupes, Halffterius, Haplogeotrupes, Jekelius, Lethrus, Lithogeotrupes, Megatrupes, Mycotrupes, Odontotrypes, Onthotrupes, Parageotrupes, Peltotrupes, Phelotrupes, Pseudotrypocopris, Sericotrupes, Silphotrupes, Thorectes, Trypocopris, Typhaeus, Zuninoeus
Anoplotrupes, Australobolbus, Blackbolbus, Bolbocaffer, Bolboceratex, Bolboceroides, Bolborhinum, Bolbotrypes, Ceratophyus, Frickius, Geotrupes, Gilletinus, Haplogeotrupes, Jekelius, Lethrus, Odontaeus, Onthotrupes, Phelotrupes, Sericotrupes, Silphotrupes, Taurocerastes, Thorectes, Trypocopris, Typhaeus


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