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This demonstration happened due to the planned deportation of one family living in Austria illegally for about 10 years. It was more about human rights in general than about this one family which would be deported soon after anyway. They finally decided to leave the country "voluntarily".

Quite a few Austrian writers, politicians, singers and artists supported it (to some extent, they were a "who's-who" of Austrian human rights activists), amongst them: Elfriede Jelinek - Robert Palfrader - Stefan Ruzowitzky - Florian Scheuba - Rudolf Scholten - Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi - Sigrid Maurer - Freda Meissner-Blau - Robert Menasse - Barbara Blaha - Constantin Wulff - Robert Misik - Isolde Charim - Doron Rabinovici - Franzobel - Karl Merkatz - Michael Köhlmeier - Susanne Scholl - Dwora Stein - Anne Bennent - Otto Lechner - „Gustav“ Eva Jantschitsch - Joseph Hader

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