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George Edward Ward (Doosie) Birth Name: George Edward Ward, was given a nickname at birth (Doosie) August 26th, 1971. Born one of 5 children to George Merritt Ward. His father is a successful multi-millionaire lawyer and businessman.

George Edward Ward (Doosie) is Musician, Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, Piano, Acoustic.

Career Highlight's.

Wrote and recorded, "Loves a Two Way Street", Paisley Park Studio's. 1989.

911 Benefit in New York City. World Speed Skating championships(Olympics) Amsterdam. Performed for numerous artists/actors, 50 countries around the world.

Created or founded G.E.Ward Contracting ltd in 2008. A contracting or construction company specializing in Topsoil, Sand and Gravel, Excavation, Landscaping, Concrete Breaking and Snow Removal. Estimated worth $2.7 million.

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