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العربية: غسيرة احدى بلديات ولاية باتنة.تابعة لدائرة تكوت الواقعة جنوب عاصمة الولاية على الحدود الفاصلة بين ولاية باتنة و ولاية بسكرة.يحد غسيرة جنوبا و غربا ولاية بسكرة و شرقا بلدية تكوت و شمالا تيغانيمين و منعة
English: Ghassira is a town in Batna Province, northeastern Algeria. One of its most famous and most influential men was called Sheikh Mohammad Yekken Al Ghassiri (1915–1974). He was one of the founders of the 'Jameya el Oulema' (group of the knowledgeable). This group was a very important one during the Algerian resistance during the french colonisation and helped Algeria reach its goal of independence. After the Algerian independence ,1962, he served as the Algerian ambassador around the many Arab countries including Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. Along his way he accumulated not only the respect of these nations for Algeria's victory but tight links, which was from his exquisite diplomatic ability. Even until today there are numerous mosques and schools in Algeria named after him.
Français : Ghassira est une commune de la wilaya de Batna en Algérie, située à au nord-ouest de Biskra.


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