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  • L-1 Acoustic Archtop. Gibson Arch top Model Descriptions. Vintage Guitars Info. "Available: 1902 to 1925 (re-introduced in 1926 as a flat top). Collectibility Rating: D (a fairly plain model of an old design)."
  • L-1 Flattop. Gibson Flat top Model Descriptions. Vintage Guitars Info. "Available: 1926 to 1937 (note available earlier as an Archtop model). Collectibility Rating: 13.5" wide models: D, 14.75" wide: C. The 1931 to 1937 models I feel are nice small bodied flat tops, very comparible to the L-00. "
  • cfh ( Gibson L-00, L-0, L-1, L-2 flat top guitars (1926 to 1945) (images). Vintage Guitar Info (

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