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For evolution of Mandolin family instruments, see category: Gittern, Mandore (instrument), Baroque mandolins and Classical mandolins.
For evolution of Guitar family instruments, see category: Gittern, Vihuelas, Baroque guitars and Romantic guitars.
For similar-shape string instruments, see category: Rebec and Komuz.


  • mandolinos - gittern. ATLAS of Plucked Instruments. "The gittern is a small medieval lute-like instrument. It can be recognized on old pictures by its smaller size, carved body, and sickle shaped tuning head. Other spellings are : guittern or quintern."
  • The Gittern and Citole. Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments. "... It took some extremely painstaking cross-referencing by a guy called Laurence Wright to sort it all out. The final conclusion was pretty definite, and appeared in the Galpin Society Journal in May 1977. The information took a while to filter through the early music community though, so beware of any reference to the gittern, citole, or mandora in pre-1985 texts."

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