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  • Dansk: Pompejus den Store
  • English: Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (29 September 106 BC – 29 September 48 BC), commonly referred to in English as either Pompey or Pompey the Great, was a distinguished and ambitious Roman military leader, provincial administrator and politician of the 1st century BC, the period of the Late Republic.
  • Italiano: Gneo Pompeo Magno (in latino Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus) (106 a.C., Picenum - 48 a.C., Egitto) è il più noto personaggio della gens Pompea. Generale e politico romano, figlio di Gneo Pompeo Strabone, fu prima alleato e poi avversario di Giulio Cesare.
  • Català: Pompeu 106-48 aC, fou un general i polític romà.
  • Galego: Pompeio 106-48 aC, foi un xeneral e político romano.
  • Polski: Pompejusz Wielki 106-48 p.n.e., rzymski wódz i polityk

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Roman general
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Date of birth1 September 106 BC, 30 September 106 BC
Date of death1 September 48 BC
  • stab wound
Country of citizenship
Member of political party
  • optimates
Position held
  • Pompeius Strabo
  • Gnaeus Pompeius (Mucia Tertia)
  • Sextus Pompey (Mucia Tertia)
  • Pompeia (Mucia Tertia)
  • Pompeius/Pompeia (Julia)
Authority control
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