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  • Italiano: Ceramica apula nel cosiddetto "Stile di Egnazia", caratterizzato da piccoli disegni in colore bianco o di altro tipo su un fondo nero. Cfr anche Category:West Slope Style.
  • English: Gnathia vases are a type of ancient South Italian vase painting of the 4th century BC. They are named after the ancient city of Gnathia (now Egnazia) in Eastern Apulia. There, the first examples of the style were discovered in the mid-19th century. Their production began in Apulia around 370/360 BC, in parallel to the local version of the red-figure style which developed tendencies towards polychromy around that time. Typical of Gnathia vases is the application of different paints directly onto the glazed vase body. Additionally, internal details could be added by incision.


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