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  • Italiano: Maschera funeraria in oro da Micene, 1600-1500 a.C., esposta nel Museo archeologico nazionale di Atene.
  • English: Gold male death-mask made of sheet metal with repoussé details portraying the deceased. From Shaft Grave V, Grave Circle A, Mycenae, 1600-1500 b.C. Exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The gold mask is the exclusive funerary apparel of Mycenaean males.
  • Español: Máscara funeraria masculina, fabricada con una lámina repujada de oro. Era exclusiva de la indumentaria funeraria masculina. Encontrada en la Tumba V de Micenas, siglo XVI a. C. Museo Arqueológico Nacional de Atenas, catálogo 623.

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