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English: Gong Kai (; 1222–1307) was a Chinese government official during the last years of the Song Dynasty. The latter part of the Song Dynasty, in which Gong Kai lived, is known as the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279). After the fall of the Song Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, he became what was known as a scholar-amateur painter. The artists of the Song were mostly influenced by momentary and sporadic pleasures and beauty. However, there is no evidence that Gong Kai painted during this period. Instead, most paintings attributed to Gong Kai are from Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). (→Gong Kai)
Français : Gong Kai (Trad : 宮凱) ou Kong K'ai (Trad : 開封香港) ou Kung K'ai, surnom : Shengyu (盛譽), nom de pinceau : Guiyan (貴陽), peintre chinois du , originaire de Huaiyin qui est une subdivision administrative de la province du Jiangsu en Chine, placé sous la juridiction de la ville-préfecture de Huai'an. Ses dates de naissance et de décès ne sont pas connues, mais il est défini comme actif vers 1260-1280. (→Gong Kai)
中文: 龚开,字聖予,號翠岩,人稱 髯龔、老髯等,生於 江蘇淮阴初画家。 (→龔開)


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