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Dansk: Gåsehud
Deutsch: Gänsehaut
English: Goose bumps
Español: Piel de gallina
Français : Chair de poule
Íslenska: Gæsahúð
Italiano: Pelle d'oca
עברית: עור ברווז
Latina: Cutis anserina
Nederlands: Kippenvel
日本語: 鳥肌
Norsk bokmål: Gåsehud
Polski: Reakcja pilomotoryczna
Português: Pele de galinha
Русский: Гусиная кожа
Svenska: Gåshud
Tiếng Việt: Nổi da gà
粵語: 起雞皮
中文: 雞皮疙瘩
goose bumps 
The act of your body reverting to its primal instincts to cause its hairs to stand on end when being exposed to cold, or when your eyes detect movement within their vision but your frontal cornea does not yet process it
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