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Gopal Krishna Gokhale (es); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (hu); ગોપાલ કૃષ્ણ ગોખલે (gu); गोपाल कृष्ण गोखले (ks); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (ast); Гокхале, Гопал Кришна (ru); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (de); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (sq); Гопал Гокхал (bg); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (da); گوپال کرشن گوکھلے (pnb); ゴーパール・クリシュナ・ゴーカレー (ja); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (sv); גופל קרישנה גוחל (he); गोपालकृष्ण गोखले (sa); गोपाल कृष्ण गोखले (hi); గోపాలకృష్ణ గోఖలే (te); ਗੋਪਾਲ ਕ੍ਰਿਸ਼ਨ ਗੋਖਲੇ (pa); গোপাল কৃষ্ণ গোখলে (as); Gopal Kriŝna Goĥale (eo); Gópál Krišna Gókhalé (cs); கோபால கிருஷ்ண கோகலே (ta); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (it); গোপালকৃষ্ণ গোখলে (bn); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (fr); गोपाळ कृष्ण गोखले (mr); ଗୋପାଳ କୃଷ୍ଣ ଗୋଖଲେ (or); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (id); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (pl); ഗോപാൽ കൃഷ്ണ ഗോഖലെ (ml); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (nl); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (nb); ಗೋಪಾಲ ಕೃಷ್ಣ ಗೋಖಲೆ (kn); गोपाल कृष्ण गोखले (mai); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (en); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (nn); 戈帕尔·克里什纳·戈卡尔 (zh); گوپال کرشن گوکھلے (ur) politico indiano (it); ভারতীয় স্বাধীনতা আন্দোলনের সামাজিক ও রাজনৈতিক নেতা (bn); indisk økonom og politiker (da); بھارتی صحافی (ur); indisk ekonom och politiker (sv); indisk økonom og politikar (nn); indisk økonom og politiker (nb); Indiaas politicus (1866-1915) (nl); Autor und Führungsfigur indischen Unabhängigkeitsbewegung (de); सामाजिक व राजकीय नेते, अर्थतज्ज्ञ, लेखक (mr); సామాజిక మరియు రాజకీయ నాయకుడు (te); ସାମାଜିକ ଏବଂ ରାଜନୈତିକ ନେତା (or); Social and political leader during the Indian Independence Movement (1866-1915) (en); سیاست‌مدار و اقتصاددان هندی (fa); सामाजिक और राजनीतिक नेता (hi); இந்திய தேசிய காங்கிரஸ் அரசியல்வாதி (ta) नामदार गोपाळ कृष्ण गोखले (mr); ゴーパル・クリシュナ・ゴーカレー (ja); గోపాలక్రిష్ణ గోఖలే (te); Gopal Krishna Gokhale (or); Namdar Gokhale (en); ತಾತ್ಯ ಟೊಪೆ, ಗೋಪಾಲಕೃಷ್ನ ಗೋಖಲೆ (kn); Gopal Krishna Gokhale, ഗോപാല കൃഷ്ണ ഗോഖലെ, ഗോപാലകൃഷ്ണ ഗോഖലെ (ml); கோபால் கிருஷ்ண கோகலே (ta)
Gopal Krishna Gokhale 
Social and political leader during the Indian Independence Movement (1866-1915)
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Name in native languageगोपाळ कृष्ण गोखले
Date of birth9 May 1866
Ratnagiri district, Bombay Presidency
Date of death19 February 1915
Pune, Mumbai
Country of citizenship
Educated at
  • Elphinstone College
Member of political party
Award received
Authority control
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Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born in the small village of Kotluk in Ratnagiri district. There was poverty at home. Facing all the difficulties, he studied till matriculation in Kolhapur. One day the teacher asked me to solve a difficult math problem. Gopal rescued it from his father. The teacher patted his back. Gave him a compliment. At that moment, Gopal started crying. He told the real story. Dad said he solved the math. He apologized to the teacher and decided to be truthful from that day on.

He came to Mumbai and did his B.A. from Elphinstone College at the age of 18. Passed the exam. While getting a job with the British government, he turned it down and started working at the New English School in Pune to educate the generation in his country. He loved his countrymen more than his wealth. He later became a life member of the Deccan Education Society and a professor of mathematics at Ferguson College. Along with mathematics, he was teaching English and history subjects. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was teaching mathematics, history and English with great enthusiasm, thinking that the students sitting in front were his own children. He made a name for himself in a short time as a student-friendly teacher. Wrote a simple math book for school children.

He started working as an assistant editor of the letter 'Sudharak' written by social reformer Gopal Ganesh Agarkar. So he was able to write many things for the society. He was accompanied by Justice Ranade. Under his guidance, he studied political science and economics in depth. He entered politics under the guidance of Ranade. In 1897, he became the Secretary of the Pune Public Meeting.

He left for England as a representative of the Deccan Assembly to testify before the Belby Commission appointed to investigate India's accounts. Surendranath Banerjee and Dadabhai Naoroji were with him. His speech was very loud. He was elected to the Mumbai Council in.

1900 In 1902, he was elected to the Central Legislative Council. At that time, he made 12 speeches on the government budget. Explained how the British government was exploiting India.  "Gokhale is superior to Askworth, the Prime Minister of England," said the editor of the Nation newspaper.

Namdar Gokhale always used to say, 'Achievements should be as good as the means to achieve them. So even Mahatma Gandhi considered him as his political guru. He became the President of the Congress Convention held at Benaras in.

1905 He founded Bharat Sevak Samaj. Loyal social workers wanted to create them. The upliftment of the backward people was necessary. He was presenting his monthly thoughts in a very calm manner. His heart was full of patriotism. He achieved this by working till the age of 49 and serving Mother India. The body was placed at the feet of Mother India.


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