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Map showing government regions of Germany as from 1st of August 2008. There are also shown the former RB.
Administrative divisions of Germany

Deutsch In Deutschland ist ein Regierungsbezirk der Bezirk einer allgemeinen Landesmittelbehörde, in der ressortverschiedene Aufgaben gebündelt werden.

English The Government regions of Germany (Regierungsbezirke), are the second-level subdivisions in some states of Germany. In some Länder they were abolished in early 2000's and in Saxony the changed their definitions in 2008 from Regierungsbezirke to Direktionsbezirke.

List of Regierungsbezirke[edit]




  • Flag of Brandenburg.svg Brandenburg: Hypothesis, not really finalized
  • Flag of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.svg Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Proposed, will be factive in 2011
  • Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg Schleswig-Holstein: Simply hypothized
  • Flag of Thuringia.svg Thuringia: Simply hypothized


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