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Grand Dukes (великий князь) and Grand Duchesses (великая княжна or великая княгиня) is the title of the members of Romanoff House in 3rd generation (emperor's children and grandsons). In the 4th generation they called Princes of Imperial Blood (князь императорской крови).

Grand Duchesses can be translated back as «великая княжна» (velikaya knazhna) for relatives by blood to tsar (unmarried daughters) and «великая княгиня» (knyaginya) for wives of G.Dukes.

In Russian tradition the children of emperor (tsar) have the common title tsarevitch (царевич) for son, tsarevna (царевна) — daughter, (while tsarina (царица) is the wife). Cesarevitch (цесаревич) is the older son, the heir. See Category:Tsarevitches and tsarevnas.


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