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English: An intersection of a north-south fault, approximate, the Bright Angel Fault, with a norhtwest-by-southeast, approximate fault, the Grandview Fault. The intersection point is: Granite Gorge, and the outlet region of Bright Angel Canyon/Creek-(the Grandview Fault goes up Phantom Creek, the tributary to the outlet region of Bright Angel Creek); the Bright Angel Fault continues southwards (south-southwest) on the South Rim section up through Garden Creek (canyon), location of the en:Bright Angel Trail. The intersection is an approximation of 90 degree angles, with the west-(north-northwest) side of Bright Angel Canyon being the up-to-the-northwest normal fault section. In specific views, the Kaibab Limestone of the Kaibab Plateau is shown higher, as well as the geologic units at the southwest of Bright Angel Canyon.
Some landforms on the southwest of Bright Angel Canyon: Phantom Creek, Cheops Pyramid, Buddha Temple, etc.


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