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English: The Green Line Coach Station in Victoria, London, is the main London terminus of Green Line commuter coach services (but other operators also use it). It is separate from the nearby Transport for London owned and operated facilities of Victoria bus station (local buses) and Victoria coach station (longer distance coach services). Despite the name, the station is not a self-contained facility - it is instead a collection of 10 on street stops that take advantage of the anti-clockwise rectangular route formed by Buckingham Palace Road (forming west side of the rectangle), Elizabeth Bridge (south), Bulleid Way (east) and Eccleston Bridge (north), allowing services to arrive and leave from any direction, using the rectangle as a turning circle. Stops 1 to 5 are under cover, in the one-way street, Bulleid Way. Stops 6 to 10 are in the open air, in Buckingham Palace Road (in the southbound carriageway). Coaches can also lay over in parking bays on the east side of Bulleid Way, opposite the stops. Inside the rectangle formed by the streets used by visiting coaches are the shops in the pedestrian only Colonnade Walk (paralleling Buckingham Palace Road) and Fountain Square (connecting Colonnade Walk with Bulleid Way).