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Gulbransen Company was a player piano and home organ manufacturer that began operation in 1904.

In 1957, they released first transistorized electric organ "Model B" (Model 1100),[1] and in 1960s, also released one of the earliest fully transistorized rhythm machines "Seeburg/Gulbransen Select-A-Rhythm", with the collaboration with Seeburg Corporation. Note that Seeburg invented fully transistorized rhythm machine in 1964.[2]

Since 1950s, the owner of Gulbransen has changed several times. Around 1950, it was sold to CBS, then in 1964, merged with Seeburg Corporation, and production was once ceased in 1969.[3] In 1985, Mission Bay Investments acquired the brand and produced Elka organs with Gulbransen name.[1] In 2002, QRS Music Technologies acquired the brand and pianos were made by Samick.[3]


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