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Deutsch: Guō Xī ( ; * 1020 in Wenxian (Provinz Henan); † 1090 Kaifeng) war ein chinesischer Landschaftsmaler der nördlichen Song-Dynastie. (→Guo Xi)
English: Guo Xi (c. 1020–c. 1090) Chinese landscape painter from Henan Province who lived during the Northern Song dynasty. One text entitled "The Lofty Message of Forest and Streams" (Linquan Gaozhi 林泉高致) is attributed to him. The work covers a variety of themes centered around the appropriate way of painting a landscape. He was a court professional, a literati, well-educated painter who developed an incredibly detailed system of idiomatic brushstrokes which became important for later painters. His most famous work is Early Spring, dated 1072. The work demonstrates his innovative techniques for producing multiple perspectives which he called "the angle of totality." This type of visual representation is also called "Floating Perspective," a technique which displaces the static eye of the viewer and highlights the differences between Chinese and Western modes of spatial representation. (→Guo Xi)
Français : Guo Xi , ou Kouo Hi surnom : Shunfu. Né vers 1020 à Wenxian Heyang (province du Henan), mort vert 1090. Peintre chinois. (→Guo Xi)
日本語: 郭煕(かくき、約 1023年—約1085年)、字は淳夫。北宋山水画家。 (→郭煕)
한국어: 곽희(郭熙, 1023년~1085년)는 중국 북송(北宋)의 화가이다. 자(字)는 순부(淳夫), 허난 성 원 현 출신이다. (→곽희)
Norsk bokmål: Guo Xi ( kinesisk: 郭熙; pinyin: Guō Xī; Wade–Giles: Kuo Hsi; født i 1020 i fylket Wen i Henan i Kina, død 1090 i Kaifeng) var en kinesisk landskapsmaler og kunstteoretiker. (→Guo Xi)

Guo Xi (es); 郭熙 (yue); Guo Xi (fr); Guo Xi (ast); Го Си (ru); Guo Xi (nb); Guo Xi (de); Guo Xi (pt); Guo Xi (sq); 郭熙 (zh-hans); 郭熙 (zh); Guo Xi (da); 郭熙 (zh-hk); 郭煕 (ja); Guo Xi (en); Guo Xi (sv); Guo Xi (id); Guo Xi (pl); Го Сі (uk); Guo Xi (nl); 郭熙 (zh-hant); Guo Xi (ca); 郭熙 (lzh); 곽희 (ko); Го Си (kk); Guo Xi (it); Kuo Si (cs); جو اكسى (arz) pittore cinese (it); Song Dynasty painter (1020-1090) (en); kunstschilder uit China (1020-1090) (nl); chinesischer Maler (de); pintor de la dinastía Song (ast); Song Dynasty painter (1020-1090) (en); نقاش چینی (fa); 北宋著名画家 (zh-hans); čínský malíř období Severní Sung (cs) 淳夫 (zh-hant); 郭熙, 早春図 (ja); Kuo Hsi (de); He Ko, zi Shunfu, Xi Guo, Hŭi Kwak, Hsi Kuo, Chunfu, Kwakki, Kuo Hsi (en); 淳夫 (lzh); Si Kuo, Che-jang Kuo, Chunfu Guo, Hsi Kuo, Si Guo (cs); 淳夫 (zh)
Го Сі 
Song Dynasty painter (1020-1090)
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Дата народження1020 (твердження з датою за Григоріанським календарем раніше за 1584 рік)
Wen County (Династія Сун)
Дата смерті1090 (твердження з датою за Григоріанським календарем раніше за 1584 рік)
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  • Guo Si
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