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Not to be confused with Gutian County.
English: Gutian is one of the ten towns (镇) in Shanghang County, in southwestern Fujian province. It is famous as the site of the 1929 Gutian Congress where Mao Zedong affirmed his leadership of the Zhu-Mao 4th Army (朱毛四军) and stamped out democratic tendencies among the troops. The town and site may be reached by following National Route 319 west from Xinluo (新罗区), the Longyan municipal centre.
中文: 古田镇福建省上杭县下辖的一个,是2003年评定的第一批中国历史文化名镇之一。境内有古田会议纪念馆。主要工业是水泥厂,为全县较富裕的镇。和蛟洋乡步云乡均是上杭县海拔最高的乡镇。


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