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influenza A virus subtype H5N1 
subtype of influenza A virus
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GenusInfluenzavirus A
SpeciesInfluenza A virus
Common name

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H5N1 (es); H5N1 (yue); H5N1 (hu); H5N1 (is); Influenzavirus A subtipo H5N1 (ast); H5N1 (ru); Influenza-A-Virus H5N1 (de); Х5Н1 (sr-ec); H5N1 (bg); H5N1 (da); Gripa aviară - A (ro); H5N1亜型 (ja); H5N1 (sv); H5N1 (uk); H5N1 (la); 甲型流感病毒H5N1亞型 (zh-hant); 甲型H5N1流感病毒 (zh-cn); H5N1 (ko); H5N1 (eo); H5N1 (cs); H5N1 subtype (it); Influenzavirus A sous-type H5N1 (fr); H5N1 (hr); H5N1 (id); A型H5N1流感病毒 (zh-my); 甲型流感病毒H5N1亞型 (zh-mo); A-tüüpi gripiviiruse alatüüp H5N1 (et); influenza A virus subtype H5N1 (en); H5N1 (nl); Х5Н1 (sr-el); H5N1 (sk); H5N1 (vi); 甲型流感病毒H5N1亞型 (zh-hk); Virusas H5N1 (lt); A型流感病毒H5N1亞型 (zh-tw); 甲型流感病毒H5N1亚型 (zh); H5N1 (fi); A型H5N1流感病毒 (zh-sg); H5N1 (lb); H5N1 (pl); H5N1 (nb); H5N1 (sh); A/H5N1 (nds); Х5Н1 (sr); H5N1 (ms); influenza A subtipo H5N1 (pt); Influenza A subtipo H5N1 (gl); إتش 5 إن 1 (ar); 甲型H5N1流感病毒 (zh-hans); Х5Н1 (mk) Influenza aviaria (it); influenzavírus (hu); subtype of influenza A virus (en); поттип на птичји грип (mk); variant van vogelgriepvirus (nl) H5N1 (ro); H5N1禽流感, H5N1禽流感病毒, Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, HPAI A(H5N1), H5N1嘅治療同預防, A(H5N1), H5N1嘅治療和預防, H5N1病毒, 甲型流感病毒H5N1亞型, H5N1流感 (yue); H5n1, Influenzavirus A, H7N1, H5/N1 (fr); Fågelviruset (sv); Fugleinfluensa-virus, Influenza A/H5N1 (nb); H5N1 (nds); H5N1, H5N1型鳥インフルエンザウイルス, H5N1型トリインフルエンザウイルス (ja); H5N1, Influenza A/H5N1 (de); H5N1 (pt); H5N1, A(H5N1) (en); H٥N١, إتش ٥ إن ١, H5N1 (ar); 高致病性禽流感, H5N1禽流感病毒, H5N1病毒, H5N1, H5N1流感 (zh); Influenza A, Virus H5N1 (es)


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