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<nowiki>HAT-P-6b; HAT–P–6 b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6 b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6 b; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6 b; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6b; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; planeta extrasolar; 太陽系外行星; forró jupiter típusú exobolygó; planeta estrasolar na constelación d'Andromeda; экзопланета; extrasolarer Planet im Sternbild Andromeda; eiseaphláinéad; 太陽系外行星; 太陽系外惑星; екзопланета; 太阳系外行星; eksoplaneetta; extrasolar planet; exoplaneta; vansolarna planeta; pianeta extrasolare nella costellazione di Andromeda; বহির্গ্রহ; exoplanète; Экзопланета; exoplaneta; eksoplaneet; exoplaneet in sterrenbeeld Andromeda; exoplaneta; Екзопланета; planet luar surya di rasi bintang Andromeda; planeta pozasłoneczna; eksoplanet; ekzoplanet; planeta extrasolar; extrasolar planet; Экзаплянэта; extrasolar planet; planeta extrasolar; كوكب خارج المجموعة الشمسية; Ezplanedenn; Экзапланета; Nachtwacht; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b; BD+41 4831b; HAT-P-6b; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b; BD+41 4831b; TOI-1373b; TOI-1373.01; TIC 176899385b; Nachtwacht; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b; HAT-P-٦b; Nachtwacht; TOI-1373 b; BD+41 4831 b; HAT-P-6b; BD+41 4831b</nowiki>
extrasolar planet
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Time of discovery or invention
  • 15 October 2007
  • January 2008
  • 1.106 +0.039 -0.04 M_J
Right ascension 354.77420888326 degree
Declination 42.465973188987 degree
Authority file
Wikidata Q632347
SIMBAD ID: BD+41 4831b
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